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              Talking about the Opportunity of Industry Development from the Features of Gift Market_Shantou Hi-new Tech.Zone D & L Manufacturing Co.Ltd.,www.v3n98oo.buzz,D & L,D & L Manufacturing,stationery,stationery,paper products,gifts,envelopes,letter sets,notebooks,photo albums,Gift sets,address book,memo pad,paper box,stationery design,stationery product production,Shantou stationery,Shantou paper products,Shantou stationery design,Shantou Stationery production
              Talking about the Opportunity of Industry Development from the Features of Gift Market
              Update:2018-04-18   Page View:1560

              The gift industry is a relatively new industry in China. With the development of reform and opening up, the competition between industries has become more and more fierce. In order to attract customers, companies have adopted various promotional methods, and gifts have played a significant role. Accelerating with the pace of WTO, some large foreign companies have entered the domestic market, and also brought new marketing models and management models, prompting domestic enterprises to accelerate the pace of competition. At present, the gift industry has the following characteristics:

              1, a lot of small companies

              Because the entry barrier for the gift industry is relatively low and the cost is relatively low, only a few people can operate. Therefore, there are many small companies involved in the gift industry.

              2. Most gift companies are essentially doing trade

              Most gift companies provide products to customers based on customer needs. After a product is produced, it may take several changes to reach the end customer. This inevitably adds to the cost.

              3, fierce market competition

              Due to the many small companies in the gift industry, they resorted to the means of depressing prices to compete for customers, resulting in a vicious circle of low prices and low quality, making the gift industry more competitive.

              4, the gift industry's product range is very much

              It is no exaggeration to say that almost all products can be presented as gifts. Large, small, high-end, low-grade, all aspects, covering a very wide range.

              5, product launch requirements new, odd, fast

              Gifts are given to people. At the same time, they must attract people and give people curiosity. Therefore, products must have special characteristics. The speed of updating must be fast. They must seize the market before competitors.

              6, the industry is not operating

              Since the gift industry has not yet introduced formal industry regulations, there will be many non-standard industry practices in the process of operation.

              In Shenzhen, family-run companies are all over the place. Market competition is fierce. To survive, we need to find new ways to gain a foothold with our unique competitiveness. Enterprises not only survive, but also develop and grow, while small businesses must take the path of specialization and unique development to form their own competitive advantages. In Shenzhen, various gift companies go hand in hand, if there is no unique development ideas and a group of hard-working partners can hardly have a big job in the industry.

              The gift industry must turn from narrow-minded, self-reliant and interfering with each other, and take the specialization of division of labor and collaboration. We also need to develop meticulous and diversified marketing channels to update marketing concepts. Traditional wholesale and agents need to be further improved and scientifically integrated with other industries, integrate marketing, and integrate the advantages of as many manufacturers and suppliers as possible. , Occupy market share through a wide range of marketing channels.

              Changes in market demand have also become faster and faster, leading to rapid changes in the production of gift makers. Therefore, who can quickly launch products, who can preempt the market and win customers. In traditional enterprises, the entire production cycle and circulation cycle have been dragging on for a long time, which not only means that they cannot respond quickly to the market, but also means that a large amount of resources are used throughout the entire cycle. The use of information technology can simultaneously solve the two problems of quickly meeting market demand and reducing time costs.

              The production of gift suppliers must be set around the market demand, and the products produced (“services” for the intermediary) must get the market to realize their commercial value. Without the market, there is no reason for the existence of the company, so the market is The relevant information relates to the survival of the company. Using information technology to establish close contact with distributors, retailers and even end consumers to shorten the distance between production and sales to quickly capture market demand changes. The use of information technology to establish this new type of relationship between the business and the market is a new area in which the gift industry has developed rapidly.

              Any enterprise that wants to obtain greater profits must go ahead of the industry. To see the trend of enterprise development, it is necessary to seize the initiative and quickly seize the market. Who will seize the opportunity to create an information company in the gift industry! As far as the present gift industry is concerned, “Zhong Li” has done a better job in this respect. It not only implements information flow management within the company, but also prepares to create gifts by diversifying e-commerce in websites, software, and marketing. The first information platform in the industry. We hope to find new highlights of the industry's development from these gift pioneers.

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